• Halifax, Nova Scotia

Management Consulting

IT Essentials believes it makes sense for all companies to have access to a Management Consultant that can align the business with technology. It  may not be feasible or appropriate to have a dedicated resource for this.

IT Essentials provides a dedicated Management Consultant on an as needed basis. Our management consultants are certified and they have an in-depth understanding of business strategy and technology. Our decisions are based on proven frameworks to ensure best practice is used to enable long lasting benefits. Our goal is to align the company’s information technology strategy  with the business objectives of the company. Our Management Consulting practice provides top-notch talent dedicated to working towards your business’s long-term future.  Additionally, having an executive on your team that works with a portfolio of clients gives you access to more experience than one organization can provide.  We work with your business management team to understand the business transformation needs.

CEO / CIO Alignment

Align Business and Technology by identifying and closing gaps impeding business growth.

CIO Business Vision

Assess overall satisfaction & criticality of IT Services as determined by IT’s key stakeholders.

IT Management & Governance

Empower IT leaders to improve processes by breaking down the walls across silos with our IT Management & Governance Framework program.

IT Security Diagnostic

Measure current IT Security Governance and Management performance against industry performance standard best practices.